Lucille Leader

Lucille Leader, Award-winning Nutritional Therapist, is the Nutrition Director of the Parkinson’s Disease Integrated Nutrition Clinic in London, UK. She is particularly interested in biochemically-based nutritional support of patients with neurological degenerative disease, at cellular level. In Parkinson’s Disease there are diverse nutritional aspects which influence metabolism. Her work as a Nutrition Practitioner recommends the way forward for each individual, based on their personal biochemical individuality, established by medical and biochemical laboratory tests and clinical history. Her past experience has included serving as the Nutrition Director of the London Pain Relief and Nutritional Support Clinic which used to function at The Highgate Hospital in London, UK. This clinic, with the inspiring vision of its Medical Director Dr Geoffrey Leader, was an early pioneer of the integrated, team approach to the management of chronic illness, with a special interest in the management of Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.
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