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The Nutrition Collective is an educational community for practitioners. Our aim is to empower you with the knowledge to inspire change so that you can help your clients lead healthier, happier lives. We host training events from global health experts including Dr. Dale Breseden, Prof. Tim Spector, Dr Robert Rountree MD, Dr Terry Wahls and more!

Meet the team

Romina Melwani- Founder of the Nutrition Collective

“As a practitioner myself, I struggled to find expert information to support my clients with chronic conditions. I wanted credible recommendations from experts that had years of experience in clinical practice. This inspired me to start a Collective that would be able to access cutting-edge knowledge from global experts. Chronic disease is growing and the need to access such valuable knowledge is more crucial than ever before. This is how Nutrition Collective was born”.

Amy Cottrell – Practitioner Account Manager

Amy wants to help spread the word about the power of nutrition and its potential to positively 

influence all areas of our overall wellbeing! Amy’s expertise is in all things thyroid and energy related (after struggling with her own underactive thyroid for many years), and she also has a special interest in female health and hormones, particularly PCOS.  

Amy supports her clients in becoming their own health advocates and her ultimate goal is that her clients will feel better in themselves, see an improvement in any symptoms they might be experiencing, they will be more informed about nutrition, as well as their own unique health concerns. 

You can learn more about Amy’s work here: https://www.amycottrellnutrition.com/

Emma Lately – Social Media Manager for the Nutrition Collective

Emma runs a busy nutrition clinic helping clients feel and look their best. She teaches her clients how we burn and store fat, and the optimal way to get metabolism working for best health, body composition, supporting hormones, energy and fatigue levels, sleep, mood, digestive health, movement, hydration and more. She works with various modalities to enable clients to make long lasting lifestyle and dietary changes, this includes mental imagery training. Emma is a creative cook, food stylist and recipe developer and lives in North London with one daughter. Emma works with The Nutrition Collective supplying content, copy writing and social media management and is passionate about bringing together the collective strength of like minded practitioners.

Learn more about Emma’s work here: www.thefoodtherapist.com

“Knowledge sharing amongst our incredible community

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The Nutrition Collective aims to empower us with knowledge, inspire change so that we can lead healthier, happier lives.

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See what other practitioners have to say:

The Nutrition Collective has been a hugely important learning resource for me on my journey from being a cancer survivor looking for answers from health experts around the globe, to being a student of nutritional therapy.

Gillian Bertram / Nutritional Therapist

I am so happy that the Nutrition Collective exists! All their webinars have been fascinating, enlightening, & full of important nutritional information. I met so many lovely, like-minded people, many of whom I’m still in touch with.

Dr. Jenny Goodman / Functional Medical Practitioner

Thank you so much for all the amazing webinars that you are putting together and making available practical tips from the best voices in healthcare! I’m glad we are connected! My favourite so far has been Dr. Hedaya!

Simona Pacurar / Nutritional Therapist NT