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Turn Your Idea into a Successful Group Programme 

Thu 9th February 2023, 06:00pm

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Turn Your Idea into a Successful Group Programme

Led by Business Coach Gwen Warren

Take your passion and knowledge out of your head and learn how to create a profitable Online Group Programme using a clear, proven step by step system.

As practitioners there is no doubt we are very passionate about our subject areas and have acquired a huge amount of knowledge whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced clinician. You sometimes probably feel that you have to prove yourself through your knowledge so clients will work with you.
You may have an idea for a programme or have often thought about how to take that knowledge, and turn it into something that you can generate a new income stream from, but you have no idea where to start or whether it will even work. If you have ever wanted someone to just give you a plan, a system that has been proven to work AND delivers amazing results for your clients, then this Masterclass is for you.

Group Programmes can be very profitable indeed and a valuable asset to your business since you only need to create it once. But in order for it to work, you need:

1) A Roadmap

2) A demand for your topic

3) A course plan

4) A strategy to launch it

Join Gwen Warren for this practical Masterclass where she will answer common burning questions such as:
  • How do I pick the right topic for my online course?
  • How do I make sure my course will actually sell?
  • How do I figure out exactly what I am going to teach?
  • How much content do I include?
  • How do I price it?
  • How do I market and sell it once it’s created?


This webinar will be awarded 1.5 CPD points by the NNA, the NTOI and the ANA  in accordance with their guidelines.

Once registered, you will receive three reminder emails – one a week before the webinar, one a day before and one on the day of the webinar. All our webinars are recorded – you will be sent a link to the recording along with all the educational material, presentations, handouts and CPD approximately 24 to 48 hours after the event.


Gwen Warren

Nutritional Therapist and Coach

Gwen runs Biting Fit and Business Fit. Biting Fit is popular for its successful, easy to follow online detox and nutritional programmes, weight loss programmes, performance nutrition for elite athletes and wellbeing weekend retreats in the UK. Business Fit is her coaching and mentoring business and monthly membership exclusively for Nutritional Therapists to support them in developing recurring and passive streams of income. She qualified from ION in 2006 and is also a qualified Fitness Instructor and leadership coach.Gwen has a reputation for delivering real results and maintaining a strong, supportive membership community in her business coaching by educating Nutritional Therapists on the practical and technical know-how required to succeed in today's online culture. As a Nutritional Therapist herself, she is able to translate this into business and financial success and a new-found confidence for her NT clients