Apr 20

Immune Health

The Science of Sleep: Immune Benefits

Wed 8th April 2020, 05:30pm

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Numerous studies have reported the benefits of a good night’s sleep on the immune system. With the challenging times we live in, sleep deprivation has become rampant reducing the number of natural killer cells which fight tumours and viral infections. Learn more about human sleep-wake regulation and circadian rhythms.

Join Naturopath Yuwa Aghedo and Dr. Ameet Aggarwal to discover the science behind sleep on Wednesday 8th April at 6:00PM.


Yuwa Aghedo

Graduated from a Naturopathic medicine college in Sydney, Australia in 2006. Yuwa qualified in Nutrition, Western herbalism and Remedial massage. Since this period she has continued to deepen her knowledge through numerous specialist courses, applying these into her practical roles as a clinician and educator. Yuwa is an experienced lecturer both in nutrition and biomedicine. She is known for her ability to make complex material understandable and enjoyable. Yuwa has a long-standing interest in cognitive health, women’s health and the wider implications of neuro-hormonal imbalance including sleep disturbance, energy dysregulation and skin health. She is currently undertaking an MSc in Personalised Nutrition, alongside training from the Institute of Functional Medicine to further develop her clinical skills