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Interview: With an Expert in Micronutrients for Long COVID

Wed 27th October 2021, 06:00pm

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Interview: With an Expert in Micronutrients for Long COVID

In Collaboration with Biogena

With Michael Wäger, Head of the Science Team at Biogena

As practitioners living in the current pandemic era, being up to date with the latest developments in micronutrients can significantly increase our chances of positive outcomes when it comes to our clients’ chronic conditions.

What are the latest developments in respiratory tract and immune support? 

How can we compensate for micronutrient deficiency caused by viral infections?

Micronutrients and plant substances act as important cofactors for enzymes and hormones. Deficiencies in key micronutrients can cause metabolic disruption including DNA damage, neurodegenerative acceleration, cancer and beyond.

Join Michal Wäger, Head of the science team at Biogena to learn about the evidence of using micronutrients in clinical practise and for long COVID-19 its and its therapeutic pitfalls. 1.5 CPD points.

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Michael Wäger

Nutrition Scientist & Biochemist

Michael Wäger  Michael Wäger has a degree in Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences and holds the position the head of the science team of the Biogena group. Already at the beginning of his studies he started at BIOGENA, a former rather small company with approx. 50 employees which has now grown into a formidable company with over 400 employees, more than 10000 partners (therapists, medical doctors etc) and more than 260 different micronutrient supplements. Right from the start he was fascinated with the potential of micronutrients in health and disease. Thanks to his critical thinking skills he quite early became an official member of the BIOGENA science team, a group of almost 30 people from all different fields of nature sciences, like molecular biology, pharmacy, nutritional sciences, digital healthcare and many more. As a scientific representative he not only gives expert talks, but also lectures at the Danube University of Krems as a part of the study programmes ‘clinical nutritional sciences’ as well as ‘sports and nutrition.