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An Interview with an Expert Medical Herbalist

Tue 6th July 2021, 11:00am

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An Interview with an Expert Medical Herbalist

With Andrew Chevallier, author of the best selling Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine

Tuesday 6th July at 11am

As practitioners, we know the power herbal medicine can bring to our clients health and wellbeing. Plant medicine works on many different levels. It can be applied in different ways.

Join us for an engaging interview with Medical Herbalist: Andrew Chevallier.  We will explore on his journey and discovery of herbal medicine. Andrew is an experienced medical herbalist, healer, and respected author of the ‘ Herbal Medicine’ Book.

Over the years, he has treated people suffering from health problems of many kinds- from minor skink conditions to severe debilitating illness. Andrew believes that best results come from working jointly with the patient and mapping out an agreed way forward.

Join us for this engaging interview to the topic of Herbal Medicine for chronic conditions.


Andrew Chevallier

Medical Herbalist, best-selling Author & Formulator

Andrew Chevallier is a medical herbalist and healer with 35 years’ experience in practice. Working across the globe, but primarily based in the UK, Andrew works with clients to help them manage day to day challenges through producing herbal alternatives for health issues and to help aid in recovery. Collecting herbs from Columbia through to Mexico, he has developed his most popular range of herbal tinctures now available as SIPS – Seeded In Plant Science. Andrew Chevallier is the author of the Encyclopaedia of Herbal Medicine, now in its third edition, which has been translated into eight languages (including Chinese) and has sold millions of copies globally.