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Immune Health

Eating for Immunity: The science of the Mediterranean Diet

Wed 19th April 2023, 06:00pm

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Eating for Immunity: The science of the Mediterranean Diet

Led by Immunologist Dr. Jenna Macciochi

Several epidemiological studies have evaluated the effects of a Mediterranean pattern as protective against several immune conditions. The adoption of this dietary pattern could counter the effects of several inflammatory markers and disease. Join us for our next Masterclass with renowned immunologist Dr. Jenna Macciochi on Wednesday 12th April.

This Masterclass will:

  • Unpack the up-to-date science of the Mediterranean diet
  • Review the most recent and relevant clinical data on the application of the Mediterranean diet for specific areas of immune-mediated disease.Become aware of how this diet translates to a diverse population, including practical tips and useful findings from the research.

Join us for an exciting Masterclass with immunologist Dr.Jenna Maccioci  on Eating for Immunity: The science of the Mediterranean Diet



This webinar will be awarded 1.5 CPD points by the NNA, the NTOI and the ANA  in accordance with their guidelines.

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Dr.Jenna Macciochi

Immunologist and author,

Immunologist and author, Dr Jenna Macciochi is on a mission to unravel the science around the immune system and help people decode exactly what it takes to be well in the modern-day. She has over 20 years' experience researching the impact of diet and lifestyle on the immune system. Her curiosity about the human body in health and disease has driven her research deepening her understanding of how we eat and how we live affects our health and well-being. Jenna provides accessible, science-backed information on how we can take care of our critical immune defence against ill-health and disease through her online health and wellbeing platform and social media and is a regular contributor to TV, print and online media.  She published her first book about the immune system in 2020, will publish her second in 2021 and is set to publish her second in 2022.  Through her work, Jenna aims to inspire us to treasure our immune systems and appreciate just how awe-inspiring and complex they are.