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Autoimmunity: The Disease of the 21st Century

Tue 18th October 2022, 06:00pm

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Autoimmunity: The Disease of the 21st Century

Led by Function Medicine Expert Jo Gamble

There is no denying that autoimmunity is on the rise. Autoimmune diseases, including coeliac disease, psoriasis, lupus, multiple sclerosis ( MS), Hashimotos are rising to epidemic levels. As practitioners, understanding the underlying causes to such autoimmune conditions is key when looking to support client symptoms.

Join us for our latest webinar with well known functional medicine practitioner Jo Gamble who will only walk us through the mechanisms behind oxidative stress, heavy metals toxicity, infections, mycotoxins and their impact on autoimmunity.

She will furthermore be covering the following learning objectives:

  • Root causes of Autoimmunity
  • Why Autoimmunity is on the increase
  • A Functional Medicine approach to Autoimmunity

Join our latest webinar led by Jo Gamble in collaboration with Nutri Advanced for a session packed with 21st tools for autoimmune conditions. 





This webinar will be awarded 1.5 CPD points by the NNA, the NTOI and the ANA in accordance with their guidelines.


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Jo Gamble

Integrative Practitioner

Jo Gamble graduated from the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2013 as the UK’s first functional medicine practitioner. She is also a fellow in Integrative Oncology.  She runs busy functional medicine practice Embracing Nutrition, where her ‘no stone unturned’ approach is used daily to dig down deep to ascertain the route cause and to take her clients on a journey to optimise their wellness. Jo has lectured both at undergraduate and postgraduate level for over 10 years, and has been resident Functional Medicine consultant here at Nutri Advanced since 2013 where she has lectured on a wide variety of subjects. Always an incredibly popular speaker, Jo never fails to integrate cutting edge science with clinical application in a clear and relatable way.