The Oral Microbiome and Systemic Disease

CLINICAL TRAINING TRAINING FOR HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS In our latest Course, we bring together two holistic dentist who will explore how pathogenic oral bacteria may influence inflammatory pathways. Research highlights several connections between chronic oral dysbiosis and systemic diseases, with inflammation being a common link. From this course you will learn about:

Nutritional Immunology & Pathogens: A Masterclass

n our latest Course, renowned immunologist and functional medicine doctor Robert Rountree takes a deep dive into the fundamental principles of innate and acquired immunity. He will discuss the pathways that disrupt normal function and explore the use of naturally occurring substances to modulate the immune response and improve overall health.

Blood Sugar and Menopause

CLINICAL TRAINING TRAINING FOR HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS Adults aged 45-64 are most likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes – Controlling blood sugar levels is important for all of us at all stages of our lives, but did you know that it’s particularly important during menopause and primenopause?. 1.5 CPD This Course is presented as […]