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Clinical Training

The Lifecycle of Autoimmunity

Thu 24th February 2022, 06:00pm
The Medical Society of London, UK

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The Lifecycle of Autoimmunity

Join us for our first in-person event since the pandemic! 

Learn about the Lifecycle of Autoimmunity from Pregnancy, Childhood & Adulthood on Thursday 24th February at the Medical Society of London

With rates of infertility and childhood developmental disorders rising exponentially, some experts express genuine concern that we are going to see a drastic increase in autoimmune conditions. The constantly increasing toxic load of our modern life has a profound impact on our health, which is reflected in the health of our offspring. The current rates of autoimmunity and developmental disorders amongst children are unprecedented and incomparable to the rates seen only a generation ago. Effective strategies to decrease our toxic bourdain and support our detox mechanisms are urgently needed to help reverse this alarming trend. 

What factors are at play? What can we do to reverse these dramatic trends in our clients? 

To discuss these pressing issues, we have invited two experts in integrative medicine and nutrition Dr. Jenny Goodman and Dr Nur Ozyilmaz on Thursday 24th February evening.

Join us for our in-person event at the The Medical Society of London

About the Event: 

We have invited two experts in integrative medicine and nutrition, Dr. Jenny Goodman and Dr Nur Ozyilmaz, to discuss these issues and build your clinical expertise in this area. Multiple case studies including adult and childhood autoimmunity will be discussed throughout the evening with details on therapeutic interventions.

Dr Goodman will discuss her approach to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Rheumatoid Arthritis in adult client whilst Dr Nur will share the methods she uses while working with teenage Hashimoto’s clients and children with various forms of autoimmunity including IBD, ulcerative colitis, and alopecia.

Join us for our in-person event at The Medical Society of London on the 24th February 2022.


6pm: Welcome to the Exhibitor area 

6:30-7:25pm: Strategies to mitigate inflammation in childhood development disorders and adult case studies such as Multiple Sclerosis and Rhumatoid Arthritis 

7:30-8pm: Tea/Coffee break and Networking at the exibitor space

8:00-9:00pm: Case studies to resolve chronic autoimmune conditions such as gastro-intestinal and skin related conditions in children and young adults. 

9pm: End

Join us at our in-person at The Medical Society of London  £30 EARLY BIRD in-person ticket.

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A goody-bag as well as teas and coffees will be offered during breaks.

This event will award 2.5 CPD points by the Naturopathic Nutrition Association In accordance with its guidelines. 

Once registered, you will receive three reminder emails – one a week before the event, one a day before and one on the day of the event All our events are recorded – you will be sent a link to the recording along with all the educational material, presentations, handouts and CPD approximately 24 to 48 hours after the event.

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Dr. Jenny Goodman

Medical Doctor

Jenny Goodman is a medical doctor, broadcaster and lecturer. After qualifying, and working in general medicine, surgery and A&E, she did a post-graduate training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine that radically transformed her approach to helping patients. Jenny has been practising Nutritional and Environmental Medicine for twenty years, using her knowledge of human nutrition and biochemistry to investigate and treat the many and varied problems that people bring to her. As well as carrying out highly individualised nutritional treatment, Jenny looks in detail at each person’s “environmental history”, to see what toxins they may have been exposed to, so that any detoxification programme can be precisely targeted to their needs. In addition to her busy practice, Jenny lectures in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, runs a case discussion group for other doctors, and often has GPs and nutritional therapists sitting in on her consultations.