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Immune Health

Corona Virus: Protocols to Boost your Immune System

Tue 24th March 2020, 06:30pm
Online Event

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A healthy immune system is your defence against coronavirus or any other virus. Now more than ever before is a need to empower ourselves and take ownership of our health. This is why The Nutrition Collective is hosting this milestone live webinar on practical solutions to support your body. Join Dr. Jayne Donegan and Robert Verkek on Tuesday 24th March. Our experts will share their research, protocols and nutritional recommendations to keep our immune system defended against such viruses. We will also look into the Medical Model of Disease Vs the Holistic model of Disease and discuss the problems of Suppression of Fever and Contraindications to Ibuprofen.


  • 6:30PM: Robert Verkek PhD – Understanding the research and the current situation regarding COVID-19 and our Immune System
  • 7:05PM: Dr. Jayne Donegan – Comparing the Medical Model Vs the Holistic model of Disease. Exploring the Immune System ( Non Specific vs Specific) to create nutritional Protocols for Immune support.
  • 7:45PM: Live Q&A with panelists

NNA CPD Pending 1,5 credit


Robert Ververk, PhD

Executive & Scientific Director of Alliance at The Alliance for Natural Health

Robert Verkerk PhD Executive & Scientific Director of Alliance for Natural Health, has worked for the last 25 years on sustainability issues in the agricultural, environmental and health fields. He completed his MSc and doctorate at Imperial College London and worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in the field of trophic (feeding) level interactions in agricultural systems. Robert established the Alliance for Natural Health in 2002 to help protect and promote, using the tools of good science and good law, sustainable and natural methods of healthcare which are increasingly threatened by regulatory and pharmaceutical industry pressure.

Dr. Jayne Donegan

Integrative Medical Doctor and Homeopath @Jayne Donegan Holitic Practice

Dr Donegan has been practising medicine for 37 years and homeopathy for thirty. She is a Specialist on the register of the Faculty of homeopathy.Her research interests include the history of medicine and its complementary branches, disease ecology and immunisation. Dr Donegan runs a holistic a private practice in North London combining diagnostic skills with a common sense approach that incorporates homeopathy, naturopathy, diet and lifestyle. She also lectures widely on health related topics, details of which are available on her website. jayne-donegan