Jul 20


Working with Blocks, Beliefs and Resistances

Sat 4th July 2020, 01:00pm
Online Event

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Working with Blocks, Beliefs and Resistances

With Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND

As practitioners, our passion often translates into dedicating our lives and purpose to helping others. However, the draw to assist others comes with emotional hazards that we must acknowledge. Burnout, compassion fatigue, inner resistances and blocks can easily sabotage our client interaction and ultimately our success. However these occupational hazards can be managed by creating a strategic plan to identify signs, symptoms, and triggers.

This interactive workshop is designed for healthcare practitioners looking to become the best version of themselves during client consultations.

Throughout the workshop practitioners will develop skills on how to:

  • Identify and overcome burn-out and compassion fatigue with clients
  • The ability to use functional analysis to work with inner resistances
  • Understand emotions and how to gain more clarity
  • The tools to work compassion into the therapeutic relationship with their clients
  • Ways of working with the fear and resistance

    During this interactive session Dr. Aggarwal will encourage all participants to share and practically demonstrate tools to improve consultation success with clients. Join Dr. Ameet Aggarwal Psychotherapist and Naturopathic Doctor on Saturday 4th July through for interactive session of honest sharings, tools and techniques to thrive in our roles as practitioners.


Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Naturopathic Doctor, Homeopath

International speaker, teacher and author, Dr. Ameet has helps 1000s of people overcome chronic disease & mental health issues using Naturopathic medicine, Gestalt psychotherapy, Family constellations, Trauma Therapy & Bowen therapy. ND Ameet's book tackles the topic of sleep and insomnia relevant to our webinar on science and sleep to boost and strengthen the immune system. His book "Heal Your Body, Cure Your Mind" is considered as one of the most comprehensive approach to treat anxiety, stress and depression. His 5 Steps to Great Health, Happiness, Sex, Weight and Skin Online Program has even been approved by various Naturopathic Boards and the Commission on Dietetic Registration as a professional development course for naturopaths, nutritionists and dieticians.