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The Integrative Cancer Tool-Kit: Breakthrough Therapies for the 21st Century

Sat 7th March 2020, 10:00am
Marriot Hotel Kensington, London, UK

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Dr. Aryan Tavakkoli

Integrative Physician

Dr Aryan Tavakkoli is a consultant physician with a 25-year background in hospital medicine. She is the medical director of Quantum Clinic in East Sussex as well as a Functional Medicine practitioner who provides integrative support for adult patientds with previous or current cancer. Dr. Tavakkoli's Integrative Cancer Programme includes modulated electro-hypertheramia ( oncothermia), high dose intravenous Vitamin C infusions, misletoe injections, oxygenation therapy, nutritional advice, mind-body therapy, information on metabolic pathway blockers and recommended anti-inflammatory supplements.

Yuwa Aghedo

Graduated from a Naturopathic medicine college in Sydney, Australia in 2006. Yuwa qualified in Nutrition, Western herbalism and Remedial massage. Since this period she has continued to deepen her knowledge through numerous specialist courses, applying these into her practical roles as a clinician and educator. Yuwa is an experienced lecturer both in nutrition and biomedicine. She is known for her ability to make complex material understandable and enjoyable. Yuwa has a long-standing interest in cognitive health, women’s health and the wider implications of neuro-hormonal imbalance including sleep disturbance, energy dysregulation and skin health. She is currently undertaking an MSc in Personalised Nutrition, alongside training from the Institute of Functional Medicine to further develop her clinical skills

Patricia Peat

Integrative Practitioner and Nurse Oncologist

In her 20 years as an oncology nurse, Cancer Options founder Patricia Peat saw thousands of cancer patients struggle with difficult emotions: shock, fear, anxiety, grief, trepidation, uncertainty.In 2000 she founded Cancer Options to provide cancer patients with access to information and research that would empower them. She also developed coaching and consultancy services designed to ensure they get all they need. And the results have been profound: thousands of clients who have been supported on their journeys to finding the right support to deal physically and emotionally with the challenges and change that cancer can bring, not just for them but for those around them.

Jane Mc Lelland

Award winning author ' How to Starve Cancer’

From 1994 until 2004, Jane battled two aggressive cancers with metastatic spread, both were classed as ‘terminal’. Using her medical knowledge and researching heavily, she put together a protocol, using natural therapies, exercise and diet. When she developed a second cancer, leukaemia, the result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for her first cancer, she knew she only had weeks to live. With nothing to lose, she put together a unique cocktail of old drugs. To her enormous relief, joy and surprise, her cancer just ‘melted away’. Her cocktail was more powerful than she had ever hoped.Jane is winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 ‘Amazing Women Global’ for unsung heroines. Awarded for Jane’s work educating and helping cancer patients since 2003.