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Preconception Care & Beyond: Making Healthy Babies

Thu 30th July 2020, 03:00pm

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Preconception Care & Beyond: Making Health Babies

Dr. Jenny Goodman | 1CPD

Pre-conception care is the ultimate Preventive Medicine. A baby’s first twelve weeks of life in the uterus, or womb, are in many ways the most crucial. Pre-conception care means weighing the odds in favour of a baby who is then able to realise her full mental and physical potential.

If the pregnancy is planned, there are easy measures every couple can take which will maximise nourishment and reduce toxicity to the baby even before conception takes place. These measures come under the heading of pre-conception care. The idea of trying to minimise risks before a child is conceived is relatively new, but in a polluted world it makes sense to avoid environmental factors which we now know can pose a hazard to an unborn baby,and to follow simple nutritional and lifestyle guidelines which are known to be beneficial.

Learn how to:

  • Help patients, friends and family members looking to conceive or suffering from apparent infertility or repeated miscarriage
  • Prepare for pregnancy through to term to deliver a healthy baby
  • Support the mother successfully in her breastfeeding experience

Join Dr. Jenny Goodman for this fascinating webinar if you or your client, friend or family member plans to have a baby. 1CPD.


Dr. Jenny Goodman

Medical Doctor

Jenny Goodman is a medical doctor, broadcaster and lecturer. After qualifying, and working in general medicine, surgery and A&E, she did a post-graduate training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine that radically transformed her approach to helping patients. Jenny has been practising Nutritional and Environmental Medicine for twenty years, using her knowledge of human nutrition and biochemistry to investigate and treat the many and varied problems that people bring to her. As well as carrying out highly individualised nutritional treatment, Jenny looks in detail at each person’s “environmental history”, to see what toxins they may have been exposed to, so that any detoxification programme can be precisely targeted to their needs. In addition to her busy practice, Jenny lectures in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, runs a case discussion group for other doctors, and often has GPs and nutritional therapists sitting in on her consultations.