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Mycotherapy as an Integrative Approach for Breast Cancer Patients

Tue 27th October 2020, 06:00pm

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Mycotherapy as an Integrative Approach for Breast Cancer Patients

By Dr. Saskia H. Kloppenburg Vieth (Holistic Doctor in London)

27th October at 6PM

Dr. Saskia H. Kloppenburg Vieth, internationally known integrative doctor and holistic cancer care specialist, will explore how Hifas da Terra’s mushroom extracts can be used to support both treatment outcomes and quality of life for breast cancer patients.

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for millennia in traditional medicine systems like Traditional Chinese medicine, and are garnering more interest and research focus in the last few decades for their potential for integrative cancer care.

Current research shows that mushrooms are not just useful for immune stimulation, but actually immune modulation. As natural biological response modifiers, potent antioxidants, and antiinflammatories could they be part of every integrative practitioner’s toolkit when supporting their oncology patients?

Learning outcomes

  • Review of breast cancer pathogenesis
  • Understand the potential of mushroom compounds as immunomodulators and how they interact with the cancer pathway
  • An overview of the key mushrooms relevant to breast cancer – Reishi, Maitake, Coriolus, Sun Agaricus (AbM), and Polyporus
  • Core understanding of the importance of quality, cultivation techniques, and formulations
  • Mycotherapy intervention for breast cancer, which can be used in combination with conventional treatments

Founded in 1998, Hifas da Terra (HdT) is a Spanish biotechnology company focused on research and innovation specialising in the development of nutraceuticals from certified organic medicinal mushrooms, with a special interest in developing high concentration liquid medicinal mushroom extracts for coadjuvant use in integrative oncology treatment programs.

Join Dr. Saskia H. Kloppenburg Vieth for an inspiring masterclass on the healing benefits of medicinal mushrooms as part of an integrative approach to oncological treatment in general, and breast cancer in specific.

Don’t miss out on what is going to be a well thought-out and well-presented Masterclass from holistic doctorDr. Saskia H. Kloppenburg Viethwho is both at the forefront of current research as well as having ongoing hands-on experience in clinical settings


Dr. Saskia H. Kloppenburg Vieth

Medical Doctor specialising in Breast Cancer Support

Dr. Saskia Kloppenburg is a consultant in general internal medicine and has masters' degrees in several different complementary therapies, including nutrition. Her passions are Mind-Body connection, epigenetics, and complementary cancer care. She works part-time at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (NHS) where she sees cancer patients, and privately at NADclinic where she sees a huge variety of conditions. Every person is unique, so her treatment approach focuses on addressing the root cause, which is paramount for good health. She creates individual care plans for all her patients, integrating the best of conventional medicine, healthy nutrition, and lifestyle, as well as improving emotional wellbeing and stress management. Medical mushrooms play an important role in her approach, not only, but especially for cancer patients. Speaking English, Spanish, and German, she attends patients all over the world.