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Therapeutic Interventions for Gut Dysfunction & Mood

Wed 24th November 2021, 06:00pm
Online Webinar

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Therapeutic Intervention for Gut Dysfunction & Mood

24th November at 6pm GMT | 7pm CET

Have you noticed any psychological or behavioural abnormalities in your clients with gut infections and microbiome imbalances? When dealing with complex chronic cases, it is important to consider drug-nutrient interactions when supplementing with Turmeric, Omega 3, probiotics and beyond.

Gut microbiome metabolites, such as short chain fatty acids and tryptophan derivatives have a massive impact on our mental wellbeing. That’s why gut and mood dysfunctions tend to go hand in hand. Accumulating research shows that probiotics modulate the gut microbiome and multiple signalling pathways leading to metabolic, immunological and neurochemical changes that ultimately impact the nervous system. The key to success is using the right strains of probiotics.

Are you up to speed on the latest gut-brain modulation research and their clinical relevance?  If not, join us for a webinar with integrative pharmacist and educator Ines Schachenhofer to learn what therapeutic interventions work best for GI & mood dysfunction.

1.5 CPD accreditation from the NNA.


Ines Schachenhofer

Pharmacist and Educator

Ines is a pharmacist and part of Biogena’s Science Team, specialising in knowledge management and trainings. Health is a holistic topic for the graduated pharmacist. Through her years of experience in advising clients, she has learned a lot about the therapeutic application of micronutrients, while always wanting to explore the mechanisms of action and the evidence-based side of micronutrients. In her lectures she passionately shares her knowledge on a variety of topics related to health and well-being.