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Ask the Expert: Blood Sugar & Menopause

Tue 19th July 2022, 06:00pm

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Ask the Expert on: Blood Sugar and Menopause

With Nutritional Therapist Kirsten Chick

Adults aged 45-64 are most likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes – and yet this is when blood sugar control is more important than ever. Could blood sugar imbalance be exacerbating the more difficult features of menopause and perimenopause?

This session looks at:

• The impact of blood sugar levels on mood, cognitive health and hot flashes
• Blood sugar and symptoms of inflammation
• Blood sugar, dysbiosis and hormones
• Sunshine, insulin and ATP
• Nutrients for healthy blood sugar balance
• Sugar cravings and how to manage them
• How to sweeten your diet healthily

Join our webinar with Kirsten Chick to get all your answers on managing blood sugar imbalances and menopause.  


This webinar will be awarded 1.5 CPD points by the Naturopathic Nutrition Association and the NTOI in according with its guidelines.

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